Hi, I’m Tuco,

…and Welcome!

I've spent much time making professional storyboards and teaching traditional inking in comics (20 years, more or less!).

I've dedicated the last few years to personal comic projects, and thanks to the Kickstarter platform, I've met wonderful people who believe in my work, making my dreams come true. I created this page to support my work as an independent comic artist, so, in this sense, I’m not going to activate any paid subscription, just free updates on past, current, and upcoming projects, plus drawings, and hot doodling!

This is a great way to get more involved if you enjoy the creative process. Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or missing items, or even just to say hello!

I promise to send only a few updates; if you want more (or less!) just let me know, and I'll comply!

Here is the prelaunch page of my next comic project: TUCO’S BIG HOT SKETCHBOOK!

“Happiness is only real when shared.” C. McCandless. 

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Hello, my dear Friend! Here you'll find drawings, hot doodlin', previews, and updates about my independent comic projects!


Tuco El Buitre Comics

Indie Comic Artist, Storyboard Artist. Cats, Tennis, and cooking